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women nutrition
We all know that when going through the menopause your body changes in relation to what nutrients and vitamins you need, yes, these changes may be annoying but they are a fact of life and you cannot change them. You can however change your diet to suit your changing needs; [...]
Tue, Apr 01, 2014
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Loose dentures can be the bane of one’s life, not being able to eat your favourite foods, pronounce certain words and they can just be plain uncomfortable. Do not despair as there are solutions to this annoyance and here are a few of your options: The Overdenture The Overdenture is a similar to [...]
Tue, Mar 18, 2014
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With Pancake Day only a day away three of us here at Crescent OTC will share our favourite tooth rotting pancake toppings! My personal favourite is a Nigella recipe, blueberry pancakes. The blueberries aren’t actually in the mix but the blueberry maple syrup makes the pancakes! All you need to do [...]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
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Unusual menopause
Ever felt like your skin is crawling with ants?  If you have, don’t worry this is called formication it is caused by the receptors in your skin adapting to the lower levels of oestrogen. This unusual sensation is completely harmless however if you are finding it unbearable HRT is an [...]
Mon, Mar 03, 2014
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sex and menopause
You maybe post-menopausal, going through ‘the changes’ or just curious about what is to come and the effects it may have on your sex life. The word ‘Menopause’ may seem daunting with all sorts of rumours flying around “your vagina will shrivel like a prune” “the menopause will sap your [...]
Thu, Feb 06, 2014
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